Ok friends. So here’s the scoop. You probably know that I can be the “idea & energizer” bunny. My mind can spark out 100+1 different ideas and I can see in “high-definition” in my mind. For those of you who have been in a planning or visioning meeting with me…. you know it can be overwhelming when my OMG creative juices get flowing. Ideas sparking out here and there. Markers. Flip charts. Mind Mapping. Whoop whoop. Get on the passion and idea train… joy is coming to town.

I can have 101+1 things on my “to do list”. I can have 101+1 dreams, passions, hopes and creative adventures in my journal. But they will go no where and become nothing than words on a page and dreams forgotten, unless there is commitment and passion and creativity. And y’all know what happens when commitment, passion and creativity come and hang out together…. people make babies.

I AM HAVING A BABY!!!! whoop whoop. (keep on reading… this is going to be good). I am having 108 babies exactly. Yes… it may be hard to believe but it is true.

Spring is in the air and amazing projects and creative passions are coming into fruition.
It is almost the end of April – the grass is turning green – the tulips are popping up in my back yard – and 3 AMAZING   PRODUCTS & PROGRAMS (aka “my babies”) that I created are about to be launched.

    (malas, mantras and meditations to nourish your body, mind and soul).
    These cards have been a 2 year process. They first started with an online program I created 2 years ago. Then the creative adventures began. The response to the online program was AMAZING and that created the invitation to make the program “TO GO”. I have so much to share with you about how these cards & guide books were created and how they transformed my meditation practice and my life … but that is coming soon. Hee hee.

mala meditation behindscenes2

    (sacred medicine bags, eye pillows & body pillows filled with the healing medicines of reiki, colour therapy, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, mantra medicine & some uber cool free online resources).

Even my dog Bulan loves these. I can’t believe he let me put the body pillows on him and he laid down, breathing deeply and rested. This was AMAZING. For those of you who know my dog… he is a mover and a shaker and a go getter. To see him relaxing and chill in’ out with the Chakra Medicine Bags on him was beautiful. He took a deep breath and sunk into the ground. Doggy Zen. Whoop whoop. How does it get any better than this.

But they are not just for dogs… hee hee… they are for people too. This idea came to me when I was in an amazing healing session with Joy Jarrett (of Footprint Therapies). My body was needing some rest and rejuvenation. While on her massage table, I had the vision of an eye pillow bag on my body. I saw myself  in my own Reiki Dance Class. I saw myself in my own Sound Healing Sessions and using these pillows as part of my medicine offerings. My heart skipped a beat. My legs got tingly. I knew this was important. I kept on listening… and voila… a new idea was born.

chakra bag pic2

body pillow bulan2

  • JOY JARS (a jar that gives back & supports Camp Circle O’Friends – a cancer camp in Saskatchewan for children with cancer and their brothers/sisters. I went to this camp when I was a teenager and going through my own cancer journey). This is a jar that will not only bring you joy – with the oodles of creative treats and joy nuggets inside… but will bring a kid with cancer joy as well. I was moved to tears when the JOY JAR idea came to me and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea that all of us can make a difference in the world and give back. JOY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Whoop whoop and a cha cha cha. LOVE IT!!!joy jar pic2

So lots is going on in my life my friends;  as these babies are created…. formed… generated… nurtured…. and released into the world.

I am pulling long nights to get things done. Deadlines are important.

I am committed to my passions, my deadline,s & my dog. Long nights of creative editing & Daily dog walks are a must.

I have sticky notes running up and down the wall of my kitchen with my Priorities of the Day. I LET GO WHAT NO LONGER MATTERS & STAY TRUE TO WHAT FEELS GOOD.

I try to LET GO of PERFECTION & trying to make things EXACTLY PERFECT and realize that perfection does not serve me and is only rooted in my FEAR of not being good enough/smart enough/loveable enough. So I through that perfectionism out the window – and create more… generate more…. TAKE ACTION AND SURRENDER THE RESULTS.

I try to eat well, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest. Some of which don’t happen – with the deadlines and late nights of editing and final drafts and going to print phase.

AND IN ALL OF THIS I TRY TO BE GENTLE WITH MYSELF. I try to be a gentle witness to my life…. a gentle witness to my decisions… to my path…. to my response to life. I love myself in all of this – whether I have 1 baby or 108 of them.

THE CREATIVE PROCESS IS THERAPEUTIC & TRANSFORMATIONAL. The process matters. The inspired pathway matters. Diving in and creating & generating with papers wildly spread out on the floor, brain and body engaged. Something is happening.

The creative process is therapeutic in itself. The process matters more than the product/end result. So much has been learned. So much experienced, felt, sensed, witnessed. Wow. I am giving birth. For over 2 years I have been nurturing my meditation practice and online meditation challenge program. I have been nurturing diverse ways to reach out to people and offer them stillness, joy, grounding, passion, joy & a pathway to help people find their inner purpose and heart song. All of that nourishing has created some pretty cool stuff.

Over the next week or two I will walk you through the “BEHIND THE SCENES” adventures of how I made my dreams a reality and created the MALA MEDITATION CARDS & ONLINE 30-DAY CHALLENGE.

I will share more of my stories and offer you delicious treats of how you can balance your life, feel more joy filled, and steps to allow abundance to emerge and be received in your day.

Damn this feels so good. Living from your heart song rocks my friends.
How about another “whoop whoop and a cha cha cha”.

Being creative is good medicine. Albert Einstein said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

So today my friends I invite you to HAVE FUN, TAKE A RISK, & NURTURE YOUR DREAMS.

Look at the things on your “to do list”/Bucket List/Dream List/Passion List…. whatever you call it. And take a risk and take action on those dreams. CHOOSE ONE. WRITE DOWN 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO – CONCRETE ACTION STEPS TO TAKE TO NOURISH THAT DREAM. Make it simple. Write it down. Schedule it in. and DO IT.

I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU – leave a comment below. How has creativity emerged for you? What things have you created and how did it feel for you to GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR DREAMS. What is holding you back from leaping (at least a little bit) towards your dreams. What would happen if you “TOOK ACTION & SURRENDERED THE RESULTS”…. and just watched what happened? What would you have to loose? Only REGRET from not trying in the first place.

So live today with no regrets and take action into your abundant life.

Be Alive & Shine


P.S. WANT TO DEEPEN YOUR MEDITATION PRACTICE? SEE WHAT THE MALA MEDITATION SERIES & CARD DECK/GUIDEBOOK ARE ALL ABOUT? Join me at KOKOPELLI’s Friday May 9th @ 7 pm for a the Mala Meditation Cards – BE ALIVE & SHINE LAUNCH. It is going to be fabulous & free. Invite your friends. All are welcome to join us. (For more details drop me a line).

mala launch kokopellis

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Be Alive & Shine



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