Have you ever wanted something so deliciously badly and then when it arrives at your door – you are not sure if you should take it, or say “yes”, or that you even deserve it in the first place?

For a long time now I have desired a business mentor that will take me to the next level of my business. As my business and I are growing in new and exciting ways I desire a new and different teacher. Well ladies and gents that teacher has arrived and it is deliciously exciting and terrifying.

For the past two weeks I have been inundated with invitations to participate and work with international business diva Marie Farleo. These invitations and recommendations came from my friends, business partners and my work and life coaches. Marie is a business coach, mentor and inspirational guide that helps people unlock their spiritual potential, nurture their health and happiness and use their unique talents to change the world. Through her coaching and way of being Marie aspires to improving people’s businesses and lives.

The timing was perfect. The coach was perfect. It felt amazing. But I hesitated! I panicked! I started to feel my heart get tight and close up.  A little voice in my head said: “You’re not worthy.” You don’t deserve that.” “It is too much time, too much money, too much work, and too hard.” WHAT!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!! How could I possibly say no to this invitation? I was afraid. The Universe was knocking at my door saying: “Here it is Christine, ask and you shall receive”. Yet I was scared of receiving this gift. Super crazy! What was I afraid of: my magnificence, worthiness, abundance, freedom, and change!

Resistance appears when change is happening. Well I was entering resistance and change was definitely happening. The universe said YES and I hesitated. SUPER DUPER CRAZY!!! And yet so common in all of our lives.

Once I realized this inner fear and inner shadow in me, I could then shine light on it. Our shadows are beautiful teachers. Our shadows are necessary. Our light is even more brilliant when it dances with our shadows. And in the process the shadows change and even more light emerges. I reframed my fears into joys and affirmations. I allowed myself to receive this gift. I chose to love myself enough to say YES and not let fear stop me from changing and growing.

Saying yes to newness and the unknown can be terrifying. Who will I be? What will happen? How will I change? We can keep dreaming about our future or we can take steps right now to create it. So that’s what I did. I said YES and I know it is right – because my heart is vibrating, I am excited and nervous and I know this will bring even more joy, love, abundance and light into my life.

What are YOU afraid of? How is fear in your life limiting you to receive abundance? Write down all the things you’re afraid of – go ahead – do it – make a list!!! Then shine light on your fears. Take action to change those fears and receive all the abundance, joy, light and love you so desire.

Do it anyway. Invest your time. Invest your money. Invest in your heart. It will be hard. It will be work. Soul work is not easy and always transformational. Do it anyway. Even if you’re scared. DO IT. Live your life. Take risks that will make you even more brilliant than you already are. You will know it is right because you will feel resistant and excited at the same time. Welcome to the land of possibility my friends. Welcome to YES. Welcome to your life.


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As Published in The Prairie Post (March 5, 2014)


  1. Hi there Jim & Sharon
    Thank so much for your kind words. As always I am so grateful for your love and support. Your honesty and amazing relationship is so powerful in the world. Whoop whoop. Thanks for being you.