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Your Abundant Living Guide

  • I am Christine Ciona

    I provide coaching, counseling, healing and wellness services to individuals, couples and community groups.
    I desire joy, abundance, light and love.
    I value authenticity, passion, purpose and taking sacred action and responsibility for manifesting beauty and joy in one’s life.
    I truly believe that everyone has sacred gifts to share in the world and that authenticity, love, light and joy are the pathways to wholeness, healing and abundance.



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  • Christine Ciona

  • Living My Heart Song

    KIVA and I

    I am a Certified Counsellor with 20 years experience, a life coach, expressive arts facilitator and dramatherapist. I am also the Owner, Operator and Sacred Guide of KIVA. 

My relationship with KIVA is a joy-filled one.
    KIVA was born out of a heart centered place. Everything I offer at KIVA comes from my heart and is a means to experience joy, abundance, love and light. Yes, KIVA is a sacred space for personal growth and wellness.
    Yes, people come to KIVA for all different reasons – some are seeking and learning, some want to be more physically fit and healthy, others want emotional health, stillness and inner peace, still others come to build community and be part of something bigger than themselves.

  • My favorite aspect of my work is that I get to be myself. The greatest challenge of my work is I desire authenticity and I am called to be my true self and let my colors shine. It is a true leap of faith and a great act of courage, power and passion to be your true self, to live your heart song and to share your desires, joys, passions and stories with the world.

    KIVA is that space for me. It is a space where I can invite people to create, celebrate, share, express, desire, sit, dance, be still, imagine, meditate, breathe, move, sing, chant, draw, drum, and so much more and in all of this people too find their heart song.


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  • Christine Ciona

  • Sharing My Education

    Masters of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Certified Counselor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Drum Circle Facilitation Trainer, Life Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator, Speaker, and Drama Therapist.


    Soul Coaching Certification, Past Life Coaching Certification, Reiki Level One & Two, Healing Touch Level One Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Training, Deeksha & Oneness Giver Certification, Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor (of all Zumba Fitness modalities and courses), CanFitPro Group Fitness Instructor, Women in Business Network Member and Conference Participant, Lyric Theatre Board Member (not currently), Southwest Crisis Services Children’s Outreach Program Staff, Arthur Hull’s Drum Circle Facilitation Trainer. AND MAYBE MORE!!!


  • Want to know more?

    Born:Swift Current, Saskatchewan

    Graduated Swift Current Comprehensive High School (1989) 
 Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work (University of Calgary)
    Masters of Arts (Creative Arts Therapy – Dramatherapy: Concordia University)

    Worked: Social Worker, Private Practice Counselor, Creative Arts Therapist, Children, Youth and Family Minister

    Lived and worked in Suriname (South America), Mombasa Kenya, Pagadian City, Mindanao, Philippines.

    Travelled throughout Thailand, China, Spain, Bali and beyond.

    Dog lover – of a beautiful soft-coated wheaten terrier BULAN (which means MOON in Cebuano – a Philippine dialect).

    A Scorpio and loving every minute of it.

    Owner of a funky blue house with a fireplace, piano, mandolin, guitar, collection of world percussion, hand drums, art work and sacred readings from sacred friends.

    I dream to be facilitating and guiding people internationally in living abundant lives and how to support and help people in living their heart song, making a difference in the world and shining as brightly as they can.

  • Christine Ciona


I am abundance, joy and love