Have you ever experienced a flood? You come home from a holiday… to find water in your basement. Or you hear a pipe go “ping” and very quickly find how fast, persistent and strong water can be – even with the littlest drip and drizzle? Dust bunnies now floating around as you scramble to save things of meaning to you.

Last week The KIVA Studio – which I nurture, create, and work with – was flooded. And it was actually quite magical. I am very grateful in fact. (You may be shaking your head now, wondering how the heck I could be happy or grateful for this… well read on my friend).

It was a Wednesday night after our KIVA meditation circle. Water was coming into the studio, through the baseboards and walls. The hallways of The Carmel Mall were filling with water. You could hear the water gurgling as she came into the building. Every orifice of the building was echoing with the sounds of water. It was a time of great action.

Water is an emotionally clearing element and powerful earth element. Water grounds us and connects us with the power of the earth. The whole building was being baptized by Mother Nature.

Water helped create a miracle and create community. I was desiring to feel more supported and connected. I was desiring a great team of people to help nurture my dreams for myself and my business. And the water came. And the people came.

You can fight the flow of water, or you can get in the boat and float. You can put on your lifejacket and ask for help. You can learn to swim.

Within 24 hours the universe not only energetically baptized and space cleared our building, but also provided myself and The KIVA community with immense support.

The Water Baptism was a Blessing for myself and for KIVA. Everything at KIVA was quickly boxed up and lifted onto tables. KIVA was not alone. KIVA was greatly supported. Abbie showed up ready to move KIVA to our temporary location. Katherine, Diana, Kalesha, Jill and Joel offered their time and talent to pack, lift, move and resettle. The City of Swift Current helped me find a temporary location and welcomed KIVA and I with open arms. Trevor – our KIVA landlord – was supportive and took action to help the building. The Winmar crew were very kind and efficient. Everyone held KIVA and The Carmel Mall with gentle hands. It was seamless. It was supportive. It was a beautiful space clearing.

My fears floated away with the water. I was reminded that I am always supported – as we all are – it only depends on how we look and see and our point of view. I was reminded that I always have a choice and that all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.

The blessings continue. KIVA is now temporarily located in The Upper Lounge at The Stockade. We have quickly transformed this space into a sacred space for people to nurture their mind, body and spirit. Our KIVA community has expanded, as I am now meeting all the incredible people who are involved in The Stockade community and programs. Like the early morning Stockade walkers, who celebrate their bodies through morning movement and walking with friends. I am inspired by the parents who watch and support their children in their soccer matches at the Stockade. I have even met a really cool group of dudes that play billiards at The Stockade. Plus, the incredible team of building lovers at Winmar continue to take care of KIVA and The Carmel Mall.

There is inspiration all around – all of the time. Sometimes it just takes a large dose of water to help us to wake up and see.

I invite you to explore and embrace the water in your life. It is all around. Gurgling in the bellies of the earth. Falling down like snow from the sky. Dripping from our faucets. Or pouring into our lives from a broken pipe. Water nourishes us and feeds us. Water can inspire us to step into action. Water provides us with the opportunity to be present in our lives. What are you resisting in your life? What are you desiring to expand in your life? What if water could be a helper for you? I am not suggesting that everyone needs to experience a flood. However being present to the magic of every moment we experience – including unexpected flooding – can help us to see the possibilities and potentials in everything that comes our way. I wonder what great magic you can create today if you only choose to look and see? Inspiration is all around, all of the time – even in the midst of floating dust bunnies and flooded floors.

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