The Team

  • Christine

  • Christine Ciona

    Christine is the KIVA owner and creator and teachers multiply class at the studio. She facilitate individual and group experiences for personal growth and wellness. Is the author of Mala Meditation Cards, joy activist, soul coach, and creator of all good things. Joy, abundance, love and light are her passions. Her work empowers people to stand in their power, shine their light and share their joy in the world.

    “Every class, every session, every workshop and experience I offer is intended to bring you more joy, balance, creativity, and healing in your life. Shine ON!”

    Restorative Yoga Certification, Pound Pro Instructor, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Toning, Hoop Fitness Instructor, PiYo Live Instructor, Therapeutic & Healing Certifications, Private Practice Counsellor(MA), Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCAPA), Reiki Level II, Access Consciousness Bars (Bars, Foundations, Level One), Chakra Dance Teacher, Arthur Hull’s International World Drum Circle Facilitator

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  • Kalesha

  • Kalesha Rayner

    Kalesha is a passionate dance enthusiast who will help you kick your fitness to the next level in all of her classes. Kalesha teaches multiple classes and assists in many of our children, youth and family classes – as well is the biggest KIVA supporter and KIVA champion at our special events. Kalesha will welcome and inspire you to celebrate your strength and beauty; whether she is teaching your class or greeting you as our KIVA Office Manager.

    Kalesha has been dancing since the age of four starting out in highland and later on taking ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre and lyrical. It is from this love and passion for dance that she continues to share her enthusiasm for movement through the classes she teaches.

    “What could be better than mixing my passion for dance and fitness into a jam packed, high energy class filled with fun, laughter, sweat and booty shaking that everybody can enjoy! Just follow my lead and let me take you out of the workout and into the party!”

    Restorative Yoga Certification, Aqua Zumba® Instructor, Zumba® Fitness, Zumba Kids®, Zumba Kids Jr.®, Zumba Gold®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Gold-Toning®, The Booty Barre Plus, The Booty Barre Flex and Flow, Hoop Fitness Instructor, PiYo Live Instructor, CPR-C & First Aid Certified

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  • Erica

  • Erica Pasley

    Erica has a zest for life! She loves travel adventure and believes that health and fitness are a way of life.

    Erica’s love of fitness started way back when Step Aerobics made its debut. She quickly became hooked on the motivation, inspiration and energy of the group atmosphere. After well over a decade of being at the back of the class she decided to turn and face the music! Zumba (and Christine) inspired her to become Zumba Fitness, Zumba Kids, and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. These certifications, along with her background in education, allowed her share her love of fitness, Zumba, yoga and dance to staff and students at the schools and communities she lived and taught in.

    Erica’s roots in yoga originated through her love of travel. After spending several months in Asia her path led her to an Ashram. She walked through the doors a beginner and emerged a month later as a Yoga Instructor for Beginners. Her classes offer a safe space where she strives to create comfort in a yoga practice.

    Restorative Yoga Certification, Pound Pro Instructor, Aqua Zumba® Instructor, Insanity Live Instructor, Zumba®Fitness, Zumba® Kids, Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in India, PiYo Live Instructor, CIZE Live Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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  • Shawna

  • Shauna Cuthbert

    Shauna has been involved in dance, movement, rhythms, music, beats and body betterment for as long as she can remember. As a certified teacher in ballet, jazz and tap she has spent many hours in the studio for herself and with students.

    “I have been dancing my whole life and after getting married and becoming the mother to three wonderful, but busy kids I decided I couldn’t be full time dance teacher anymore. I took some time off to figure out how my family of five was going to work and decided that I needed to find a balance between being a great mom and doing something that feeds my dance soul. That is when I started taking a few classes at KIVA which then lead to taking trainings and with my dance background it was an easy transition to become a Pound Pro and a PiYo Live Instructor.”

    “Leading these classes has fuelled my desire for rhythm, power, good music, muscle lengthening/strengthening, balance and FUN! I am able to be a stay-at-home mom and still get to exercise in a way that feels fun and still uses my dance background. I still dip my toe into the traditional dance pool and keep my creativity alive with some choreography every now and then. I really feel like I have found the best of both worlds!”

    “I truly believe that everything starts with kindness and that a smile goes a long way. I look forward to bringing you along for the continuation of my journey!”

    PiYo Live Instructor, Pound Pro Instructor

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  • Shannon Cook

  • Shannon Cook

    Shannon is fairly new to the fitness scene, but absolutely loves it! It was quite a shock to her when becoming a fitness instructor was a possibility, but it has opened up a whole new world for her to discover. Music + moves = a very positive addition to her life!

    Shannon will be a newlywed as of this summer. She is originally from
    Ontario, but moved to Swift Current in 2015 when she received a teaching job at one of the schools. She is a Kindergarten teacher by day and a fitness instructor by night!

    Her fiancé/husband is now living in Swift with her and they really enjoy their Friday night games nights with friends and their quiet weekends. Shannon loves to travel and has enjoyed living somewhere different, with easy drives to beautiful Alberta and the northwestern U.S.

    Country Heat, Zumba Basic 1

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  • Ashley Gavel

  • Ashley Gavel

    Ashley loves doing Zumba, it is the time in her day where she can be free and be whoever she wants. If you see her on the street, you may think she is shy, reserved or quiet, but it’s a whole different story on the dance floor.

    Ashley started dancing when she was six, and has always loved it as a way of expressing herself. She took her first Zumba class in 2010, when her friend invited her to this awesome exercise class where there was literally a song where you just shook your hips and raised the roof. She immediately fell in love and became hooked on Zumba’s exciting and global rhythms, easy to follow moves, and upbeat energy.

    When she is not learning new Zumba routines, she likes to partake in other ways to work up a sweat, she believes in the power of being active in helping to keep a calm and clear mind. She loves running, frequenting many of KIVA’s other awesome classes, photography, and preparing nourishing yet delicious meals as she has a day job working in Health Care in Nutrition Services.

    “I love teaching Zumba and being able to share joy with others and to create a space where you can be as crazy and free as you want, and to provide you with a time in your day when you can’t think about anything except which body part you’re going to shake next. We are all here to have a good time and I can’t wait to see you at ZUMBA!

    Zumba Basic 1

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  • Kara Slobodzian

  • Kara Slobodzian

    Kara hopes you leave every class feeling stronger, physically and mentally. Whether you are a first timer at KIVA or a weekly veteran, Kara will find a way to challenge you in her classes. Kara started with a background in dance as a child which “naturally” developed into a love of football when she got older. Now she has a passion for any kind of fitness, whether it be lifting weights in the gym or group fitness.

    When Kara moved to Swift Current a few years ago, from Regina, she was looking for something active to do. Her neighbour, who happened to be Kalesha’s dad (because you know.. it’s Swift Current) recommended that Kara check out Kalesha’s Booty Barre class. So she went to her first class and has been hooked on group fitness ever since! Kara has taken different trainings since then and has started teaching at KIVA.

    Zumba Basic 1, Strong by Zumba, Pound Pro Instructor, The Bootybarre Plus, The Bootybarre Flex and Flow

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  • Kelsey Goodine

  • Kelsey Goodine

    Kelsey Goodine is passionate about balance and wellness and brings her enthusiasm for creativity on the mat to all her classes. Kelsey received her Yoga Training in India. Kelsey will guide you through asanas and yoga poses that will open up your heart to your own inner wisdom and ease your body into more flexibility and strength.

    Multi Style Yoga Training (200 hrs)

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  • Danelle Hussey

  • Danelle Hussey

    Danelle is a Hatha yoga teacher who has been practicing on her own and in studios for 10 years. She completed her 200 hr training in Sattva yoga from Rameen Peyrow in 2013. She has been teaching Flow yoga classes in Regina, SK since 2014. In March of 2017, she created and provided her first Beginner’s Yoga and Yoga Play workshops at Kiva Wellness Studio.

    Having recently completed her Restorative Yoga training from Tianne Allen, Danelle is excited to move into facilitating this deeply healing modality for others. She is passionate about yoga for its transformative impact on one’s physicality, emotions, mentality and spirit, as well as the capacity of yoga to draw others toward self-discovery.

    Restorative Yoga Certification, Sattva Yoga Training (200 hrs)

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