Three Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation

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Three Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation

For Fourteen Days this summer I left Saskatchewan, closed The KIVA Studio, cancelled all my Joy Guru Sessions, and headed by car to British Columbia with my mom. Gearing up to go was more effort than we anticipated. My dad’s dementia accelerated and his mobility declined. Soon my mom and I were not only planning our awesome adventurous road trip, but having to make new health care plans and support for my dad. We left on a Saturday 3-hours later than anticipated. I packed a small bag, a “workbag”, and my laptop. By the time we got into the car, filled it with gas, snagged a coffee and got 30 miles out of town… we finally exhaled. We have been exhaling ever since.

Here are the highlights that I learned on my Summer Vacation:

  1. Support Is All Around

    Being away for the past two weeks, while we are gearing up for our Welcome Back to Fall Launch at KIVA, made it necessary to ask for support and make a demand of myself to get the help I needed. This was huge for me.If I would have been at home and in the office, I would have done everything myself. I would have delegated much less and taken on much more. The “I’ve got it handled” button is not always a contribution to my life. When I chose this vacation, I was empowered to ask for help and delegate things out to my staff, my team and my friends.

    The rewards of receiving help were infinite. I felt supported by my family, friends, staff and colleagues. I would receive emails from them with updates from The KIVA Studio and more. Everything was delegated and handled with ease. The teamwork expanded and I realized that support is all around. The team and friends also were able to step into their own strengths and capacities. I was able to see and learn even more about them; as they let their gifts and talents shine in new ways.

    Infinite universal support is there always… I just have to get out of my own way and be ready to receive it.

  2. Get Out The Map & Off The Grid
    During my vacation I was able to visit family on Hornby Island. This island was full of blessing and opportunity. There was no cell phone signal on the island – bonus #1. I was unplugged whether I liked it or not. Unplugging invited me to be even more awake and aware as to how I was feeling and what I needed. Unplugging offered me new creative space to dream and to refresh. It was an instant defrag.I was immersed in nature everywhere I looked – bonus #2. I simply opened my eyes and ears to the nature all around. I would fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean. Nature held me in her arms and I received her embrace.

    Nature IS healing medicine. Whether walking in an urban park, or floating in the ocean’s embrace; when we give ourselves permission to receive the beauty and abundance in nature – we are forever changed, and the beauty and abundance within ourselves is ignited once again.

  3. Rest is Good
    I am an advocate of intentional action and deep rest. However I am usually in the driver’s seat of action, creation, inspiration and formation. Creating is my gasoline – it fills my fuel tank and carries me throughout my day. And here is the AHA moment for me: stepping away from work changed my “hum” from creation and formation to rest and incubation. When I welcomed the rest, and let go of “the need for speed”, or the “I must be doing something” belief… amazing things showed up.I was able to choose for myself and for my body. I didn’t set my alarm. I let my body choose for me. My body actually desired to wake up early. I was able to catch the sunrise on the ocean every morning. My morning meditation practice deepened as the sun and I communed daily. Each night, head to pillow I would collapse in a sea of deep sleep. Deep breathing. Deep sleeps. Doing very little other than greeting the day and the night and enjoying the view and the adventures in between.

We are currently in the car returning to Swift Current. We just passed Gull Lake. Mom is driving and it is 56 kilometers back to town. I am writing this juiciness with my laptop on my lap as the prairie fields and wide-open skies greet us. I am super excited to see my dog and can’t wait for him to jump with joy when I return home. I am ready for the Fall – she has already arrived. I am ready to return to KIVA and open her doors for our Fall Welcome Back Events and more.

We all can create roadtrips on this great journey of life. We all can choose deep rest and renewal. We can make the choices that can create more ease, joy, freedom and abundance in our lives. Whether I am creating programs of joy and delight, teaching classes or facilitating events… Whether I am walking my dog or floating in the ocean… I desire to make choices that create and inspire myself and others. I desire to make choices that invite ease, space and rest. I desire to make choices that nourish the beauty and abundance within me. May all of these show up with the greatest of ease, so I can support others to do the same for their own juicy, awesome, joy filled lives.

I will now “unplug” and get ready to receive oodles of love and kindness from my dog and connect once again with my beautiful home and sacred friends.

May your choices create even more awesomeness for you and the ones you love.

Shine on.
In gratitude.

Christine Ciona
The JOY Guru

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