Through a lot of thorough self exploration, Christine Ciona has found balance with KIVA


Hello friends (Christine here). I thought I would share with you a rockin’ awesome article that Ryan Dahlman wrote  about the work that KIVA and I do together here in Swift Current. It is supercoolio to see it in print. There is a teaser here and if you would like to hear/read the full story – check out the link below. Have a delicious day.


While it would be easy to classify Swift Current resident Christine Ciona and new Prairie Post columnist as simply an extremely positive person with a lot of energy, that smile and infectious personality isn’t something which is superficial.

In an amazing level of exploration of life and self-discovery, Ciona has found herself and now wants to share it with others on whatever level people need.

Ciona operates KIVA which she describes as a sacred space for growth and wellness. Located at No. 3, 234 1st Avenue N.E. in Swift Current, KIVA is a gorgeous studio Ciona rents out on occasion, but the area is far more for her. It is a place that is the starting point to finding inner balance, peace and joy.

“KIVA was born out of a heart-centered place. Everything I offer at KIVA comes from my heart and is a means to experience joy, abundance, love and light,” explains Ciona. “Yes, KIVA is a sacred space for personal growth and wellness. Yes, people come to KIVA for all different reasons: some are seeking and learning, some want to be  more physically fit and healthy, others want emotional health, stillness and inner peace, still others come to build community and be part of something bigger than themselves. KIVA is a place where people feel safe and welcomed. KIVA is where you can feel like you are home and you can completely be yourself.”

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