What if I am Infinite Possibilities!

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Hello again. When I was a young girl I would walk home from school with my best friend Kendall and we would dream and imagine and wish and wonder what our lives would be like when we were older. AND EVERYTHING WAS POSSIBLE. I would write down names of cities, lists of jobs, numbers of children, names of boyfriends, and before I knew it I was marrying John, living in New York City, working as a fashion designer, and having 6 kids. It was wildly delicious. If I didn’t like the results of the list and our magic counting, we would create a brand new list with new rules and play again. My life was infinite. My magic was endless. Astronaut was on my list. So was Superstar. So was Tuktoyaktuk. On other days walking home from school I would intentionally miss the cracks in the sidewalk for fear that I would indeed “break my mother’s back”, as the classic rhyme goes. On a few occasions I remember accidentally stepping on a crack and imagining somewhere in the house, my mother pausing and taking a breath as she holds her back and knows that “Christine stepped on a crack again”. I was that powerful. I was that infinite.

Now I am 42 and there are days when my power and infinite possibilities are shadowed in the layers of “should haves”, “could haves” and “what ifs”. I KNOW that there is magic in the world. I KNOW that what I think about is generated and created in my life. I KNOW that I am powerful beyond measure. Some days I choose to step into that wisdom, that deep intuitive endless knowing. Some days I choose to step into my light and my power and be infinite. Sure it is easy to be the same. It is easy to have a day just like any other day. But I don’t choose “same”. I don’t do “regular”. I want the magic. I desire the MAGIC. I am the MAGIC.

Today I choose to proclaim my MAGIC as a sacred gift to the world. Today I honour my light, my power, my passion, my spark and my flare as a creative offering to the world. Today I desire to attract those in the world who want to shine. Who desire to be unique, awesome and awe inspiring. Today I choose that little girl in me that writes her heart down on a piece of paper and says YES YES YES YES YES…. it is possible. It is all possible. Today I choose me. Today I choose to shine – even in the face of shadow – even in the face of nay sayers and poo poo-ers.

I am 42 and here is my new list:

Places to live: Big and Small Towns in Canada, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, USA, India – just to name a few. An Ashram, A Condo, A Temple, A Yurt, A Retreat Centre, A Boat, A Cabin in the woods.

Careers: Anything as long as it fills my heart and shares my sacred gifts, love and light with the world. Such as (but not limited to) the following: Abundant Living Guide, Retreat Centre Director, Visionary, Mystic, Songstress, Ecstatic Dancer, Reiki Dance Teacher, Shaman, Medicine Woman, Spirit guide, Soul Friend.

Number of kids: not sure about that one. As long as the child within my heart is well loved and cared for…. all is well. I will keep singing, dancing, skipping and playing along the path and see what is created.

Who to Marry? Intimate Partner! Seeking someone who loves my light and who also shines in their own way. Desiring passion and creativity and intimacy and vulnerability all wrapped in trust, love, understanding, authenticity, and chocolate with a dash of red wine.

What I know for sure: I am my own good medicine. The universe has got my back and I am supported unconditionally by Gaia.

I am powerful beyond measure. 
I am infinite possibilities. 
I love chocolate. 
I love my dog. 
I love my magic. 
I am a fearless cheerleader for love. 
I am an abundant living guide and manifestor of all good things. 

So on this day my friends I would love to hear from you and “what you know for sure”. What is on your list? Who is on your list? Write your credo, your manifesto, your proclamation to your inner child and heart on a piece of paper and see what is created. And then…. dare and risk it all and share it with the world… or at least some one you love, (like me).

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