Wish Lists, Desires & The Year of Loving Dangerously


8 years old: my girlfriends and I would play a “fortune-telling-love game”. We’d make lists of things we like: boys, cities, jobs for you, jobs for him, numbers of kids, and cash $$$. And then through a very scientific and childlike innovation the list would somehow diminish to the top choice in each category. If you didn’t like the end result, one could always make up a new list with new names, new numbers etc and try again.

We would gasp when we got answers like: “You will have 12 kids, live in Swift Current and marry the geeky new kid”. We were excited when someone hit the jackpot of “you will live in New York City and be a supermodel, he’ll be a movie star AND an astronaut, you’ll make a whack of cash and be deliciously happy”.

8 years ago: Flash forward to a wedding I went to with my boyfriend – now ex – in Los Angeles California. There in this beautiful park the minister began a sermon about love, commitment, and relationships. He looked right at the bride and groom and with great theatrics the minster revealed the great mystery and secret of relationships: “The 4A’s”.

This funky L.A. minster had my undivided attention. The 4A’s went like this: ACCEPTANCE, APPRECIATION, ATTENTION & AFFECTION. With each description of the “4A’s I realized I desired to be more accepting, more appreciative, more attentive and more affectionate to others. I desired to feel and receive these things too. Damn this minister was good!

I didn’t want to forget this nugget so I wrote down the “4A’s” on my nametag/banquet card and stuck it back in my purse. The 4A’s are still with me.

8 moments ago:
For the past 3 weeks I have been part of “The Desire Map” book club at KIVA (in Swift Current). “Desire Map” author Danielle Laporte speaks about our core desired feelings and how “we need to make our feelings the heart of the matter”. Collectively we share what makes us feel good. We share like wide-awake-school-girls about our passions, hopes, and dreams and are inspired to live abundant heart-centered lives. We speak of what holds us back. We let go of our fears. We embrace our desires and move towards them.

My childhood “fortune-telling love game” looks a little different now and feels more real now. It is a list of all of my desires, how I want to feel, and the path to achieving them, (without getting attached to them).

What I desire: I desire hot baths, deep relaxing massages, to dance my ass off, sweat, move my body with freedom, go to India to meditate, be in love, fall in love, travel, make things that make people happy, write a book, be abundant, be desired, walk on beaches at sunset, create sacred space, be clutter-free, get rid of “junk in my trunk”, spiritually evolve, chill out with my dog, rest, wrap up, be nurtured, be touched, laugh, share, learn, be joy in the world, expand my possibility, have good teeth, strong legs, great wine, sacred stories, delicious dinners and wild abundant love.

In one week Valentines Day will be here. Here is my valentine blessing for you: Love yourself. Desire yourself. Be yourself. Make a date with yourself and connect with what you desire. What you really want. Why you really want it. How you want to feel. And then take the next step and do something to make it happen. Love yourself. Love the one you are with every single day. YOU!!! Desire YOU. Love YOU. Love more. And then go out there and share your love with the world and watch the world love you back.

I’d love to hear from you and how possibility, abundance, love and desire are emerging in your day. For more tips and tools on how to live abundantly from the inside out, please visit me online or join us at KIVA (in the Carmel Mall). You are always welcome.

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Originally posted in The Prairie Post (February 5, 2014)