Group Programs

Drum Circle Series

Accommodated to all different skill levels. No previous experience is required.

Do you want to start playing the Djembe, but feel intimidated, or don’t really know where to start? Allow us to help you break the ice. Have you ever wanted to try African drumming or to learn to play a djembe? Or… have you done some drumming and want to learn more traditional rhythms and improve your technique? Well this is the class you’ve been waiting for.


Meditation & Mindfulness Series

Desiring more calm, stillness, centering and presence in your life?

Explore different meditation practices including breathwork, chanting, visualizations, heart meditations, chakra meditations, silence and stillness, walking meditations, mandalas and more.

You will be welcomed in a circle of great support as we journey together on the “mindfulness” pathway.

MeditationGraphicA course designed to simplify your life and help you tap into your inner wisdom. Learn meditation tools, chakra balancing and more. No experience needed. Bring yourself and leave your worries at the door.

This 6 week program includes:

* 6 meditation classes @ KIVA
* a series of course notes
* meditation materials
* mp3 meditation recordings
* and more…